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Welcome to Melaxy

Your Metaverse Galaxy

About Melaxy

Melaxy is a video game incorporating blockchain technology, NFTs and Cryptocurrency. It is the first game-fi project based on Layer Zero's Omni chain. Have you ever dreamt of exploring the debts of space? Have you ever wanted to pilot your very own spaceship as you fly past the stars and planets exploring its riches? Melaxy can offer its players all this and more! Explore, Build, Mine and conquer the Melaxy. YOUR METAVERSE GALAXY!
In phase one of Melaxy - Exploration, all whitelisted community members will have the opportunity to purchase a Melaxy Genesis Pass NFT. These Melaxy Genesis Pass NFTs will grant the player access to one unique Genesis SpaceShip NFT (1/1 Rare SpaceShip NFT) or Planet NFT, in-game buffs for their SpaceShip, priority purchase rights to future drops, and access to whitelist spots for future games released by Melaxy Labs.
After the release of the 6,000 Melaxy Genesis Pass NFTs, the unique Genesis Spaceship NFT or Planet NFT will be airdropped to all holders and exploration of the Melaxy can begin! Players will pilot their Spaceship and explore Melaxy, discovering planets and enjoying what the game has to offer in phase one. So what are you waiting for? Get exploring!
Planets are one of the core assets in Melaxy, and players are encouraged to explore and find new planets. Once an explorer discovers a new planet they can mint the planet NFT. Once the mint is successful they become the owner of that specific planet.
We are very excited to announce that each planet can be considered a relatively independent metaverse. The planet has a fixed number of land slots, and each of these slots is a unique asset that can be rented or traded. Players can build their own planets in any style they like, and attract users with a Melaxy ID pass to live on the planet. The more users who explore and live on your planet the higher the rewards for the planet or land slot owner!
Exploring, socializing, trading, producing, collecting, building, operating, and fighting make up the core gameplay functions that a real meta-universe should have.
Melaxy is a meta-universe also involving Game-Fi and a real-world where people of all shapes and sizes can find their value!

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