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Frequently Asked Gameplay Question list
What is Melaxy?
Melaxy is the first Layerzero-based omnichain full chain metaverse game. In the creation phase of Melaxy, Melaxy Game Studio will issue 6,000 Melaxy Genesis Pass NFTs. Melaxy Genesis Pass NFTs can be regarded as Melaxy's exclusive membership card, which give access to all future games released by Melaxy Lab as well as cooperative projects Airdrop or priority purchase rights, as well as in-game buffs.
After the release of Melaxy Genesis Pass NFT, Melaxy will start the first interstellar exploration game based on a science fiction story. All holders will be airdropped to get Spaceship NFT or Planet NFT, players can pilot a Spaceship to explore the planet, the first player to discover the planet will have the right to mine the planet, build. The first player to discover a planet will have the right to mine it and build it. And in the game, players will fight against each other, establish guilds, compete for resources, and build their own interstellar fleet.
How can I get the Melaxy Genesis Pass NFT?
Mint at the time of Genesis or secondary market trading.
What can I do with Melaxy Genesis Pass NFT?
The Melaxy Genesis Pass can be considered as an exclusive membership card that gives you access to airdrops or priority purchases and in-game buffs for all future Melaxy Games Studio releases and collaborative projects. Benefits disclosed so far included airdrops for planet exploration games, and 5% in-game buffs. Stay tuned for more benefits.
What is the relationship between Spaceship & Genesis Pass NFT, what does Spaceship do?
In the first stage, you are only able to get airdrops of Spaceships NFT or Planet NFT by holding the Melaxy Genesis Pass NFT.
The spaceship is the only tool you have to explore the planet. Each spaceship is unique and can be divided into 4 grades of quality, the higher the quality of the spaceship, the better the attribute, the higher the benefits you will get in the game.
What is Planets?
There are two types of planets in the game - Chaotic planets and Stable planets, both of them generate game tokens.
  • Chaotic planets are randomly generated in the game and have a limited lifespan.
  • Stable planets are fixed in number and have an eternal lifespan. The biggest difference between the two is that a chaotic planets are not able to be built on(because of its limited lifespan), while the player can build on a stable planet.
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