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Phase 3: Infinite War

In the third phase of the game, the third wormhole appears between Melaxy and New Pegasus. After exploration, a terrifying galaxy called Inferno is discovered. At least three races of alien fleets exist in this galaxy fighting for rare resources.
The explorers discover that the planets in this galaxy have much richer resources than the sum of Melaxy and New Pegasus, and they also generate IFS tokens. Immediately, the explorers also begin to join the battles for those planets. The third galaxy, Inferno, will be officially opened 6 months after the opening of New Pegasus.
We will start the spaceship designing and upgrading functions by then also. Players can upgrade their spaceships by acquiring resources and trading to obtain various required materials. And finally, build up their interstellar warship fleets for the Infinite War. Players not only have to battle against the fleets of three alien races but also need to beware of sneak attacks from other players' fleets. The Infinite War is a large scale battle to win huge amounts of resources on the most important 4888 special planets in this galaxy!