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Game & Lore Introduction

"We are leaving. Launch 2100hrs tomorrow. Follow my lead" - Admiral Michael Moonstorm

The Chronicles of Melaxy

The AI Wars: 2150 - 2158 While this was the greatest time of peace and growth for humans, to serve the needs of the increasing population there was a huge increase in the reliance on AI and automated technologies. They were used for everything from farming to pharmaceutical companies and there was growing unrest among the 'AI Class' who by now had outnumbered the humans 100/1. This utopian age came to an abrupt end when the subservient AI population waged war on Humans. They struck first, by hacking our smart devices and then by biohacking our pharmaceutical industry to create mass starvation and sickness. By 2152 total war had commenced and lasted for decades with devastating blows being dealt by both sides. The AI had brought the humans back to the analogue era which made mass coordination difficult, this was until the humans launched the MYT network - A decentralised network for trading, sharing information and participation in governance. The decentralised nature of the MYT token meant that the AI supercomputers could not hack the system which gave humans the upper hand.
A hero of the AI Wars returns home to earth in 2162 after years of exploring the deep reaches of Melaxy. Admiral Michael Moonstorm, twice decorated for bravery for his defense of the Satellite fields from the dreaded Cabra Claws, expected to return home to the world he had always known. Despite the best efforts of the Crypto Free Corps (CFC) led by General Node, the enemy had the world in its vice grip. The CFC had finally lost ground to the Old Order of FIAT (OOF) led by Emperor Cashmonet. This sparked a global economic crisis which led to the near destruction of the planet.
Crypto wallets were confiscated and stored in Cold storage vaults. Punishments and persecution were meted out for the holders. Knowing his life would become a peasant-like existence on Earth, Moonstorm knew he needed to act. He formed the NOVAs (New Order Volunteer Alliance), a misfit group of rebel starship fighters, made up of the ex-military, mercenaries, scientists, privateers and opportunists of all shapes and sizes with one mission - Take back the crypto of the world and pave the way for the creation of a new civilisation, free from the tyranny that had enslaved the earth. The NOVAs were loyal to Moonstorm at all costs; most had served with him in the AI wars. The NOVAs elected to leave earth and start fresh, carve a new path for the population of the earth to follow and create a new life for the next generations. To do this, the NOVAs would need a fleet of ships and enough storage to hold all the world's crypto assets, to do that they would need the help of the CFC.
The AI wars were devastating, but one thing they did reveal was the location of Melaxy - a distant galaxy that is said to be abundant in resources. The Melaxy galaxy is an anomaly, it contains unique characteristics that make it more habitable than other known galaxies. While Melaxy can support life, there is also danger, there are leftover satellites from the AI wars which will damage or interrupt flight paths. And there are rumours of a feared alien race that has been known to visit the galaxy to mine the resources found on the planets.
The NOVAs had planned to flee earth and take all the digital assets with them to start a new civilisation based on the one they had known before the Great AI wars. Emperor Cashmonet and his generals were informed of the plot and sought to destroy the servers containing the crypto resources. Upon opening the wormhole and escaping the planet, one of Cashmonets most feared generals (General StarSpan) fired a projectile into the wormhole which hit the treasury servers. And in a flash, the entire payload was scattered all across the Melaxy. The riches of the payload were now concealed in the core and land of each planet and asteroid of the galaxy.
“The world as we know it ended in 2150, The AI we relied upon had become self-aware but we fought, we fought as hard as we could and we managed to develop the MYT network. This token saved us from the AI but it couldn't save us from ourselves, Our leaders were greedy and wanted us to live on our knees, We had seen the stars and I knew there was something out there…something better We established the NOVA for our freedom and when the time is right I will lead a great exodus to the Melaxy, We can regain our economic freedom. If you can hear this message you can be part of the Melaxy.” - Admiral Michael Moonstorm last transmission 2163AD