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Why choose Layer-zero?
All Game-Fi will face a problem of consensus and efficiency. NFT on Ether is the most popular, but GAS fees are expensive and inefficient, which very much affects the gaming experience and is not suitable for ordinary gamers, other public chains have low Gas and fast speed, but lack NFT collectors.
Melaxy's main assets will be deployed on the Ethereum chain, while the game will be deployed on other public chains through Layer-zero technology. It can meet the demand of NFT collectors on Ether, but also lower the barrier, improve efficiency and optimize the gaming experience for regular players.
Case Example:
To make the game a richer gaming experience and to ensure fairness, Melaxy also makes many props into NFTs, which have many on-chain plays, and their smart contracts need to run on chains with lower fees and faster speeds. As NFTs are upgraded and synthesized, common props will become rare and collectable and for this Ether is a better choice.