Planet NFTs

Conquer, Own, Build
In Melaxy, there will be a total of 14888 planets in existence.
4,000 planets are planned for Phase 1 - Exploration
Phase two of Melaxy - New Pegasus, will see the release of an additional 6000 planets
Phase three of Melaxy - Inferno, will see an additional 4888 planets added.
After Phase 1 - Exploration begins the available planets can be minted and players can start to build on planets.
Each planet will have a specific number of plots, the size of these plots is determined by the base attributes of the planet. Players can sell, build, or rent these plots, and each plot can be independently owned. The planet constructors will receive 15% of the earnings of all plots of land. The Melaxy Team will receive 15% from each entire planet as taxes, and 30% of these taxes will be retained by the Melaxy team while the remaining 70% will be directly destroyed.
There are two types of planets in MELAXY - Stable planets and Chaos planets, both of which produce IFS and MYT.
The number of Stable planets and their location is fixed. Their lifecycle is eternal - These planets can be built upon and upgraded to attract players. Chaos planets are randomly generated in the game and have a life cycle - These planets have rare materials for mining and cannot be built upon.

Planet Attributes

  • Size: Determines the actual size of a planet.
  • Attributes: determine a planet's color and topography.
  • Satellite: Determines number of satellites around a planet
  • Special appearance: determines unique appearance of a planet
  • Resource: determines the type of resources on a planet.
  • Resource reserves: determines the maximum amount of resources on a planet.
  • Land: Determines the surface area of a planet, the maximum number of buildings and resources
How to get Planet NFTs?
-Players can explore and mint undiscovered planets as NFTs. Once minted you will become the owner of this planet. Players can mine on a newly discovered planet to obtain a variety of resources and even special minerals, such as Bitcoin Ore and Ethereum Ore, etc. At the same time, game tokens can also be pledged to the land of these planets for Defi revenue and play to earn.