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Game Play

Interstellar Cruise

Each player will control a spaceship (which can be minted from NFT mystery boxes) in the game at the beginning of phase 1.
There are two ways to drive the spaceship: manual and automatic cruise.
Players operate the flight route of the spaceship in real-time through manual operation or leave the spaceship flying automatically by setting the destination.

Interstellar Exploration

During the flight, a spaceship will be constantly exploring the surrounding space (Spaceship exploration range determines the exploration distance). When the spaceship is close enough to a planet, the player will receive an alert, all the information about the planet will be collected by the player. If it is an unoccupied planet, the player can directly mint the planet NFT. If the spaceship discovers an unoccupied planet in the automatic cruise mode, it will be automatically interrupted from cruise mode and stay in the orbit of the planet for 15 minutes. If the player does not mint the planet within 15 minutes, the spaceship will automatically leave the orbit and return to the original set route, but the planet will show in the player's discovery list for 12 hours. If no other player mints the planet within the 12 hours, the player who originally discovered the planet is still entitled to mint it.

Interstellar Combat

In the first and second phases of the game, players are not allowed to engage in any battles.
From the third phase, players can form their fleet and fight against all hostile races or other players trying to occupy the planets in the Inferno galaxy. After the player wins the battle, there will be a period in which the winner is protected on the planet. During the protection time, the occupier of the planet may collect all the resources on the planet. When the protection time is over, other players will be able to attack the planet. The occupant can invite other players in their guild to defend together, and the players participating in the joint defence will get a part of the winning reward.
Battles in the game are similar to the RTS game StarCraft. The battlefield will be set on the orbit of the planet, players can fight through their operator completely by AI.

Interstellar Resources

There will be various tokens in the blockchain world that everyone is familiar with on the planet as rare resources, such as BTC, ETH, LTC and other cryptocurrencies.
After the second phase starts, all planets in Melaxy and New Pegasus can generate resources. Players can collect these resources using mining equipment. Different mines require different mining equipment. This equipment can be used to produce and upgrade various parts of spaceships and planetary equipment. Mines can be traded into MYT Token through Market Place, or directly exchanged into corresponding tokens.

Technology Tree System

Upgrading spaceships and mining equipment in the game will depend on the level of the player's technology tree. When the technology tree does not meet the conditions, some equipment cannot be built or used. Players need to complete a series of tasks to improve their technology tree. The higher the level of the technology tree, the more equipment and spaceships that can be manufactured and the more features that can be upgraded. The level of the technology tree is required for planetary equipment and spaceship components.

Guild Wars

Players who occupy a planet can establish or join a guild in the game, and share resources with other like-minded players through the guild, such as managing and governing the guild, building planets, protecting their homes, and interstellar battling. At the same time, there will be a task reward system and a ranking system for the guilds in the game, so that players can also enjoy the fun of Social-Fi during the Game-Fi process.