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Two types of NFTs: Spaceships and Planets.

Genesis Pass NFT

Before the official launch of the MELAXY game, there will be a limited number of Melaxy Genesis Pass NFTs available. Only 6,000 passes will be minted and priority purchases will be available to whitelisted community members. Don't forget to get whitelisted before it's too late.
Price: 0.15ETH
The Game Pass level will be randomly generated with each purchase.
There will be three rarity levels available.
GIGA(100): Get Planet NFT airdrop. With only 100 passes available you ha a 1.67% chance of getting a GIGA Pass
MEGA(500): Get an S-class rare Spaceship NFT blind box airdrop. Only 500 are available, that's an 8.33% chance of getting a MEGA pass.
OG(5400): Get a Genesis Spaceship NFT blind box airdrop. With 5400 available you have a 90% chance of landing one of these passes.
The Melaxy Genesis Pass NFT is our exclusive membership card. Holders of this pass will be eligible for the Genesis Spaceship NFT airdrop.
In addition, the Melaxy Genesis Pass holder will also receive an additional BUFF when they enter Melaxy to start the game.

Spaceship NFT

In Melaxy, each spaceship is a unique designed NFT, which can be minted at the beginning of the game or purchased in the secondary market. No two spaceships will have the same appearance.
In the first phase, the features of all spaceships are completely random. A player may have a unique looking spaceship but not very good attributes or may have one that doesn't look unique but has strong attributes. If they are very lucky, their spaceship may have both a cool, unique design and strong attributes.
The basic spaceship is randomly generated from 5 parts:
Cabin, Flight Deck, Wing, Tail, Special Parts

Spaceship Attributes

  • Top speed: Determines the maximum speed of a spaceship.
  • Maximum mileage: determines the maximum distance that a spaceship can fly with full energy.
  • Charging time: Determines the time it takes to recharge a spaceship to its full energy state from empty. (If the energy is exhausted, the speed of the spaceship will drop to a very low level)
  • Radar range: Determines the maximum radius of a spaceship that can explore.

Planet NFT

There are a number of limited-edition special planet NFTs in different galaxies, including 4000 special planets in Melaxy, 6000 in New Pegasus, and 4888 in Inferno, a total number of 14888 special planets in the game altogether. These planets carry rich resources and have unique appearances, which are the highlight of this game. Each special planet has its own unique minerals and an independent land system, on which a unique civilization designed by the player can be built.

Planet Attributes

  • Size: Determines the actual size of a planet.
  • Attributes: determine a planet's color and topography.
  • Satellite: Determines number of satellites around a planet
  • Special appearance: determines unique appearance of a planet
  • Resource: determines the type of resources on a planet.
  • Resource reserves: determines the maximum amount of resources on a planet.
  • Land: Determines the surface area of a planet, the maximum number of buildings and resources

NFT Values

The value of Melaxy NFTs mainly comes from the limited number of special planets in its galaxies. These planets have may have very high commercial value in the future, which is equivalent to the land of the sandbox. The player who explores it first would be able to mint it. After players mint these NFTs, the planets can be brought into the game, traded, or leased to other players.