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SpaceShip NFTs

To the Melaxy and beyond!
SpaceShip NFTs are assets that the player must have before entering the game. Spaceships are available in four potential grades of quality -
SSS - Top Tier
S - High Tier
A - Middle Tier
B - Low tier
Spaceship NFTs are available in two different types of mystery box. Each box contains a Spaceship NFT with a random roll of attributes. The first type of mystery box is the Genesis Spaceship mystery box. Available to GENESIS PASS holders. These mystery boxes are extremely rare and contain Genesis ship NFTs. The second is the standard Spaceship mystery box containing a completely random roll Spaceship NFT.
Spaceship Mystery Box
Genesis Spaceship Mystery Box
Different grades of spaceships have different attributes, but the appearance of the spaceships is not directly related to the attributes. The higher the quality of the spaceship, the better the attributes, and the higher the yield you will get in the game as well.
SpaceShips can be minted in-game or can be purchased on secondary markets.
The basic spaceship is randomly generated with 5 parts:
Flight Deck
Special Parts

Spaceship Attributes

  • Top speed: Determines the maximum speed of a spaceship.
  • Maximum mileage: determines the maximum distance that a spaceship can fly with full energy.
  • Charging time: Determines the time it takes to recharge a spaceship to its full energy state from empty. (If the energy is exhausted, the speed of the spaceship will drop to a very low level)
  • Radar range: Determines the maximum radius of a spaceship that can explore.
How to get a SpaceShip NFT?
Spaceships can be obtained in one of three ways -
The first is by minting them in the primary market
The second is by purchasing a Spaceship NFT in the secondary market.
And the third is by holding a Melaxy Genesis Pass NFT. The pass holder will receive one Genesis spaceship NFT via airdrop.