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DAO Governance

Like Ethereum, Melaxy will be built into a decentralized metaverse for players to conduct DAO governance. In this vision, players can manage their own and their communityʼs battleships, planets, and other assets in a collaborative manner just like in the real world to achieve decentralized autonomy.
Governance feature of IFS token
The economic structure of the game itself is implemented by DAO governance at various levels, and the players who hold IFS tokens and contribute to the community are entitled to vote for decision-making in the community and the game, which makes IFS token have more value, and give players a sense of participation and belonging.
At the game governance, players holding IFS are entitled to vote for:
  • Game development
  • Roadmap making
  • Revenue distribution
  • Other game and community related governance
At the guild governance, IFS holders with a certain guild contribution can also decide:
  • Allocation of guild resources
  • The direction of guild development
  • The planning of the guildʼs planet construction
  • Use of guild funds
  • Other guild-related governance