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Phase 1

  • Website and social channels created - (Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Medium)
  • Game mechanics development
  • Game economics development
  • MVP Game Development
  • Community Events Seed and Private Rounds Completed
  • Creation of Melaxy Genesis Pass NFT
  • 4,000 ‘Stable’ planets with unique appearances are available
  • 20,000 Spaceships with unique characteristics and appearance
  • NFT Creation Engine Completed
  • Captains sneak-peak

Phase 2

  • Launchpad the Melaxy Genesis Pass
  • New Website Layout and Design
  • Team Expansion
  • Partnership announcements
  • IDO / IEO
  • Token generation event (TGE) and DEX listing
  • Airdrop of Spaceship NFT
  • Beta game release

Phase 3

  • Melaxy Galaxy is available for exploration
  • The New Pegasus galaxy development
  • The Inferno Galaxy development
  • The planet construction system is online (SLG gameplay)
  • Supporting VR devices such as Oculus
  • The Fleet system and guild system are online
  • Unique combat system in Inferno Galaxy